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Courses tailored on your needs

Tailored and bespoke courses

Courses tailored for your organisation, delivered at your offices


Several people of your team have the same training needs? Do you want to develop the knowledge and skills of your staff or board in a particular area? Then an in-house programme is likely to be the most effective training option.


PuntoSud Academy trainers will bring their knowledge and experience to you, saving you time and money and providing completely flexible solutions. 

WHICH courses can we deliver?


We are specialised in the design and delivery of learning experiences related to: accessing and managing EU Grants in the field of develoment (DG INTPA and DG NEAR) and humanitarian aid (DG ECHO), project cycle management, financial management, internal control and accountability systems.

If you want to get some inspirations, have a look at the full training catalogue or contact us to get more information!

WHO can benefit from our in-house training?

Organisations working in the implementation of humanitarian aid and development projects, such as:


  • Civil society organisations,
  • UN Agencies and International Organisations,
  • Member States Specialized Agencies,
  • Private and public donor agencies,
  • Universities and research institutes
HOW do we build your learning programme?
  • Identifying the learning need. After initial contact, an expert from the PuntoSud Academy will help you identify the learning needs that you would like to address.


  • Designing the learning programme. Once the learning needs are clearly identified, we develop and share with you an appropriate support programme for your staff and organisation. This programme might include a single learning solution or a combination of different capacity development tools, such as face-to-face or virtual classes, web-based informative platforms, eLearning courses, webinars and helpdesk support. Each learning product will be designed according to PuntoSud Academy’s methodology.


  • Signing the contract and delivery. Once the programme is agreed upon and the related contract is signed, we bring the learning programme to your organisation.


  • Following up. At the end of the learning experience, PuntoSud provides you with a training report to evaluate the learning experience and propose a potential follow-up.
WHEN is the best moment for our in-house solutions
  • You would like to increase the amount of EU funds your organisation manages, and to do that, your staff needs to know exactly how to approach this donor, apply for its funding and write successful proposals.


  • You manage EU grants and you need to improve your understanding, skills and capacities, as well as those of your implementing partners’ staff, with regards to EU rules and procedures.
  • You are at the starting phase of an EU-funded project and you would like the project team to be aware of the contractual obligations that this grant contract will entail and how they should work in order to ensure full compliance with the donor’s rules. 


  • You’ve had a bad experience with an EU audit / expenditure verification and you want to ensure that you’ll be better prepared next time.


  • You want to increase the capacities and skills of your organisation concerning topics such as PCM, monitoring, internal controls, accountability, proposal writing, etc.


  • You want to convert your internal procedures and policy into an appealing interactive eLearning module that allows you to easily train your staff and track its performance.


  • You would like to organise a capacity development programme or a training for trainers within one of your projects and you need support.


WHY should you choose us?

The PuntoSud Academy has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering training programmes and ensures an excellent learning environment that builds on existing knowledge and respects every participant’s unique culture and background.


Our methodology has been developed and tested in hundreds of training sessions around the world and our staff have been successfully working in this sector for many years.


Finally, PuntoSud has considerable experience in the monitoring & evaluation and  in the implementation of projects, which allows us to understand and address the practical daily problems faced by professionals working in this sector.

Which learning solution is most suitable for your organisation’s needs?

Certificate Programs Blended training composed by (virtual/ F2F) classroom training, eLearning and webinars combined to provide high competences and master the subjects of interest. Webinars Short live lectures enriched by pools, question-and-answer sessions and quizzes.
Face-To-Face Classrooms Interactive environments (face-to-face) for sharing practical ready-to-use information and tools with participants through participatory and custom-tailored approaches. Tailored Courses Courses tailored on the organisation’s specific needs and preferred methodology. They can take the form of blended training.
Virtual Classrooms Interactive environments (in a virtual classroom) for sharing practical ready-to-use information and tools with participants through participatory and custom-tailored approaches. EU Grants Learning HUB A community of professionals to learn and share information, practices and updates on the EU rules and procedures.
eLearning Self-paced courses, based on dynamic presentations, interactive quizzes and case studies. Helpdesk Constant support and advice on EU grant management rules and procedures.
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