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EU Grants Learning HUB

Welcome to the PuntoSud Academy Learning HUB!


If you are a professional within the sector, searching for a place that allows you to stay UP TO DATE on important changes and novelties related to EU rules and procedure and looking to SHARE with other professionals the tips, insights, innovations and recommendations that could facilitate the management of EU-funded development projects, then you are in the right place!


WHAT does the HUB offer?

Document Repository Find in a unique place all reliable and updated resources for the management of EU-funded development projects Forum and Discussions Improve your knowledge by connecting with other professionals to share ideas, doubts and relevant documents
Notification System Keep you informed on the most recent updates and insights occurring in the world of EU development rules, procedures and trends Webinars and Q&A Sessions Participate to webinars and Question & Answer sessions organised by our experts to analyse and deepen news of particularly complex topics
Helpdesk By filling the dedicated format, get in touch with our experts and ask clarifications on the interpretation of EU specific rules and procedures FAQ Have a look to the FAQs repository where the most common / relevant questions will be collected and shared
WHY did we decide to create this HUB?

EU rules, procedures, technologies and approaches to international cooperation are constantly evolving. The PuntoSud staff implements projects, delivers hundreds of training sessions every year, which means we’re fully aware of just how much time and effort CSOs must spend to stay up-to-date and to comply with EU requirements.

This is why we decided to create the HUB: to support development workers with these difficult and time-consuming tasks and let them focus on what we strongly believe are the most relevant aspects of their work: OBJECTIVES, RESULTS AND BENEFICIARIES.

HOW can you access the HUB?

To join the HUB, you need to be subscribed to one of our courses. The Community will be directly accessible from the HOME page of the PuntoSud AcademyLearning Platform.