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PuntoSud Academy's Live Helpdesk

Your solution to EU compliance challenges


At PuntoSud Academy, we understand the complexities of dealing with EU rules and procedures when implementing projects in the field. For this reason, we're pleased to introduce our Live Helpdesk, tailored to help CSOs working with DG INTPA/DG NEAR funds in ensuring their compliance to EU rules and procedures.

Don't let EU compliance challenges to hinder your progress. Rely on PuntoSud Academy's Live Helpdesk to help you unleash the full potential of your EU-funded projects. 


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1-hour Live Helpdesk


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5-hour Live Helpdesk


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Non-exhaustive list of topics that can be addressed during the Live Helpdesk sessions

Interpretation of rules from the Grant Contract and its annexes Suggestions for improvement of project budgets
Tips for the design and management of Financial Support to Third Parties project component Support in the preparation of a request for amendment
Tips on the use of the EU templates for narrative and financial report Suggestions of tools to properly work with implementing partners

What We Offer

Personalised Guidance

Get profit from real-time consultations with our experienced experts, via Meet or Zoom, to provide personalised help, guiding you through EU rules and procedures to ensure compliance at every stage and promptly address project-specific challenges.

Practical Advice

We offer practical solutions and insights to overcome obstacles and enhance project success.

EU Knowledge

Take advantage of our extensive understanding of EU regulations, which can streamline your processes and reduce risks.

Flexible Support

Whether you have a quick question or require an extended consultation, our Live Helpdesk is here to assist you.

Why Choose Us

Specialised Expertise

We focus exclusively on DG INTPA/DG NEAR funds, providing precise and comprehensive support.


We save you time and effort by providing immediate assistance to address your EU compliance concerns.

Proven Track Record

PuntoSud Academy has a track record of effectively helping NGOs with EU-funded projects.


Our goal is to empower NGOs to confidently navigate the complex world of EU rules and procedures, allowing you to concentrate on the success of your mission.