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Certificate Program

Mastering financial management of EU Grants

A Certificate Program composed of one virtual classroom course and three eLearning modules, to gain the know-how you need to properly manage, report and account for EU international cooperation programs.


This Certificate Program offers intensive and practical immersion in the PRAG rules and procedures regarding the financial management of grants financed by DG INTPA, DG NEAR and EU Delegations. Gain advanced skills in budgeting, financial monitoring, reporting, and auditing. Get all the information you need to ensure compliance with EU rules on eligibility of expenditure, record-keeping and procurement, and to carry out a successful and smooth expenditure verification process.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the Certificate Program you will be able to:

  • Prepare a project budget, according to the eligibility criteria and rules, including possible simplified cost options.
  • Develop and use monitoring tools for checking project expenditure in terms of eligibility and record-keeping.
  • Properly apply procurement principles and procedures and confidently organise procurement processes.
  • Prepare interim and final financial reports.
  • Prepare accounting and supporting document for expenditure verifications.
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Virtual Classroom

This practical overview covers everything you need to know about the financial management of EU-funded projects financed by DG INTPA/DG NEAR and the EU Delegations under the PRAG rules, starting from the preparation of a suitable and realistic budget. Find out how to prepare a procurement plan for the purchase of supplies, services and works in accordance with EU rules. Hone your knowledge and tools for monitoring project expenditure, ensuring the eligibility of costs and the collection of all needed supporting documents. Learn how to conduct budget modifications as needed during project implementation, and become fully prepared for expenditure verifications and possible audits.

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This systematic guidance teaches you how to organize procurement processes in the framework of EU grants. Become familiar with procurement principles and terminology, and learn how to translate them into practical procedures. Become comfortable preparing procurement plans and get equipped to organize calls for tenders or negotiated procedures by following our step-by-step guidelines and ready-to-use checklists and templates.

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In this course, you will discover the story of the NGO EduTree whose staff is going to face an expenditure verification and want to avoid the risk of ineligibility of costs by ensuring everything is compliant with Auditors’ requirements. You will find out how an expenditure verification is conducted, what you can expect from auditors, how to ensure that all the required information is available, well organized and provided to them during the verification process. There’s no reason to be intimidated or stressed by this type of financial check, follow the practical tips and tricks of this course and be ready for the next expenditure verification!

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In the last years, the DG INTPA and DG NEAR gave grant applicants the possibility to present budgets including simplified cost options. The main aim of simplified cost options is to simplify and reduce administrative burdens and to shift the allocation of resources from the administrative/financial control to the achievement of project results. Although there are available some guidelines on the use of simplified cost options, many organisations often encounter difficulties in their practical use, when it comes to cost calculation and eligibility of costs and need to familiarise with EU requirements. This short eLearning aims at giving a practical guide on the use of Simplified Cost Options, from proposal to reporting and expenditure verification stages.

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