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Certificate Program

eLearning Package: A closer look at specific EU Grant implementing rules

A learning package composed of four eLearning courses designed to provide in-depth knowledge of specific rules and provisions linked to the management of EU-funded projects


Try all of our eLearning courses to learn how to properly deal with certain grant implementation rules, such as procurement, financial support for third parties, visibility and expenditure verification and to gain insight on how to draft and apply a code of conduct for your organization. Explore and download all the templates, infographics and other materials made available to you for a smoother management of all your EU grants financed by DG INTPA, DG NEAR and the EU delegations.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:


  • Easily prepare procurement plans and organize related procurement procedures according to EU rules.
  • Deal with financial support for third parties from the proposal stage to implementation, reporting and the closing phase of the action.
  • Ensure the smooth implementation of an expenditure verification and avoid disallowance of expenditure.
  • Properly apply communication and visibility rules.
  • Properly develop and implement your organisation’s code of conduct
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This systematic guidance teaches you how to organize procurement processes in the framework of EU grants. Become familiar with procurement principles and terminology, and learn how to translate them into practical procedures. Become comfortable preparing procurement plans and get equipped to organize calls for tenders or negotiated procedures by following our step-by-step guidelines and ready-to-use checklists and templates.

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Gain in-depth knowledge and tools that will equip your organisation to act as a donor and award financial support to local CSOs, grassroots organisations or other entities within the framework of EU grants. Become familiar with the information that must be provided in your project proposals regarding this kind of “grants in cascade.” Be ready to manage financial support for third parties starting from the selection and award procedure, to the implementation and monitoring of related activities and results achieved, all the way through to reporting and expenditure verification or auditing processes.

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In this course, you will discover the story of the NGO EduTree whose staff is going to face an expenditure verification and want to avoid the risk of ineligibility of costs by ensuring everything is compliant with Auditors’ requirements. You will find out how an expenditure verification is conducted, what you can expect from auditors, how to ensure that all the required information is available, well organized and provided to them during the verification process. There’s no reason to be intimidated or stressed by this type of financial check, follow the practical tips and tricks of this course and be ready for the next expenditure verification!

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This eLearning presents an exhaustive guide to developing and enforcing your code of conduct, which is a requirement that must be met to receive grants from the European Union. Get familiar with the principles behind creating a code of conduct and put them into practice using specific measures and a robust implementation strategy. Learn how to correctly apply and monitor the code of conduct and keep it updated moving forward.

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