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Indietro26 September, 2022

Development Cooperation

When Financial Support to third parties is a mandatory component of the projects

Have you noticed that several active calls for proposals that are published on the DG INTPA dedicated website, include the financial support activity as an essential component of the project to be proposed?


But what financial support to third parties exactly is?

It is a financing mechanism whereby the EU provides funding for one organisation (the Grant beneficiary) which, in turn, facilitates funding for a number of smaller or grassroots organisations often to implement a pre-defined set of activities that contribute to the objectives of the call.


The EU is adopting this approach more and more.



Because it allows to reach small grassroots organisations that otherwise would be excluded from the EU funding. This allows achieving greater localization while delegating the management responsibility to the Grant Beneficiaries.


This type of activity is very interesting not only because it gives a chance to local entities but also because it allows to support and test local innovative projects and solutions.


However, from the Grant Beneficiaries perspective, this will require strong management and administrative capacities to ensure that the EU funds are spend according to the objectives set by the call.


If you are interested in knowing how which are the Guidelines for Applicant requirements, how to set up this type of activity, and which are the information to be provided at proposal stage and how to manage FSTP once the project is approved. You can subscribe to the webinar How to design Financial support to third parties activities.


We will go through the Guidelines for Applicant of a call and we will understand together where and how to provide the required information in the Concept Note, in the Full Application Forms and in the Budget.


The PuntoSud experts will try to answer to all the questions you may have about this topic and will share with you the lessons learned over the course of the long experience in the implementation of this type of activities.


14 February, 2024

Humanitarian Aid

Nuova Opportunità di Lavoro presso la PuntoSud Academy

Nuova posizione aperta per Humanitarian Aid Projects Training Specialist

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24 November, 2023

Development Cooperation

Exciting New Opportunities and Learning Offerings for 2024!

Webinar: New Opportunities and Learning Offerings from PuntoSud Academy, December 6th h 12 pm (CET)

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3 October, 2023

Humanitarian Aid

4-Year DG ECHO Framework Contract for providing Support to all ECHO Partners has just been signed by PuntoSud!

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12 July, 2023

Development Cooperation

Launch of new search engine dedicated to calls for proposals and closure of the EuropeAid portal for calls for proposals

A new search engine dedicated to calls for proposals has been launched, offering enhanced and more precise search options compared to the previous EuropeAid platform.

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