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Indietro25 March, 2022

Humanitarian Aid

DG ECHO publishes the "Minimum Environmental Requirements and Recommendations" document

The commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of humanitarian aid now guides DG ECHO’s own actions and cooperation with partners. DG ECHO will apply a ‘mainstreaming’ approach, meaning that environmental impacts should be mitigated across projects, programmes and eventually, the organisations themselves to the extent possible.


As one of the key outputs of DG ECHO’s approach to reducing the environmental footprint of humanitarian aid, DG ECHO, together with its partners, has developed  project-level minimum environmental requirements for partners, covering priority areas.


The reults have been published in the document "Minimum Environmental Requirements and Recommendations"


The document tackles actions purely related to the project level, however the minimum environmental requirements are intended to signal to partners which measures DG ECHO will be looking for in project proposals and project monitoring due to their immediate potential to reduce the environmental impact of humanitarian aid.


They are called “minimum” environmental requirements and recommendations because DG ECHO expects these measures to be reflected in project proposals in the applicable contexts as a minimum.


Click here to download the document

26 September, 2022

Development Cooperation

When Financial Support to third parties is a mandatory component of the projects

Have you noticed that several active calls for proposals that are published on the DG INTPA dedicated website, include the financial support activity as an essential component of the project to be proposed?

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20 September, 2022

Development Cooperation

Time of Calls for Proposals

Call for proposals expiring in the next coming weeks/month are published in the DG INTPA website

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24 August, 2022

Development Cooperation

New Contribution Agreement

On May 2022, a new Contribution Agreement has been adopted

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29 July, 2022

Development Cooperation

NEW Guidelines for communication and visibility activities for external actions

2018 Communication and Visibility Manual has been replaced with the "Communicating and raising EU visibility: Guidance for external actions"

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