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  • Duration 10h30m
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Face-To-Face Classroom

Approaching the EU as a donor

1-day training course designed to strengthen the participants’ skills and capacity to identify EU funding opportunities and approach EU delegations for mobilizing funds for their projects.

Course Description

Applying for EU funding has not only to do with organisations’ capacity of writing good project proposals but entails an extra effort that goes far beyond this. It is a matter of institutional knowledge, of being aware of the EU priorities in a given sector or area of intervention. It also entails a solid and continuous collaboration with EU staff both at field and HQ level, ensuring that your organization has something relevant to share and move forward.

In this course you will become acknowledged of the EU funding processes and trends, you will learn how to build a collaboration strategy which is based on common priorities and objectives and how to adopt a proactive attitude towards the relevant EU interlocutors.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, participants will:


  • Know the main actors involved in the EU external aid programmes
  • Become familiar with the EU programming and funding system
  • Know the objectives of the EU Programmes Global Europe NDICI and IPA III
  • Be able to analyse Multiannual Indicative Programmes, Annual Action Programme and other strategic documents to identify possible funding opportunities
  • Be able to prepare a strategy to properly work with the EU in the next few years
  • Know how to negotiate with EU delegations to get project financed
  • Be aware of the differences between direct negotiations, application through calls for proposals or a Trust Funds.
Structure and duration

By subscribing to this course, you will have access to a dedicated page on the PuntoSud learning platform. From here, you can have access to logistic information, download the course materials, complete some assignments.


The curse is structured in 1 day of 10h30m (7 hours of interactive sessions)



Total time commitment over the period of the course is approximately 10h30m:


  • Preliminary tasks 30 mins – you will be asked to introduce yourself, complete the survey on training expectations and go through some preliminary training materials.
  • Live sessions7 hours – 1 session - the session will be facilitated by PuntoSud experts and includes lectures, plenary and group discussions, group work etc.
  • Additional learning material1h30m – for the duration of the course, you will have at your disposal additional readings and documents, exercises and interactive eLearning modules that you can follow at your own pace.
  • Forum discussion – you can ask questions and share relevant information with the trainers and the other participants.
  • Final tasks30 mins – complete the exit test and fill out the evaluation form.
How to apply

At the moment this course is available for in-house sessions only. If you are interested, please contact us at this email address

Who is this course for

This course is created for:


  • Staff of NGOs, CSOs, Pillar assessed organizations staff involved in, EU resource mobilization donor engagement and proposal writing
How long you will have access to training material

All the material will be available 7 calendar days before the starting date and until 15 calendar days after the end of the last training session.

Certificate of attendance

Once you have completed all the training material and passed the exit test, your certificate of attendance for each specific course will be available to download from the learning platform. The certificates are always available in your profile page with historical data of all PuntoSud Academy courses you’ve attended.

How to buy the course and other FAQs

For any queries please have a look at our FAQs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for or need additional information, please get in touch with our customer care service.


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Skill Level

Beginners - Intermediate


How to apply

At the moment this course is available for in-house sessions only. If you are interested, please contact us at this email address