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20 years of training experience

Raising knowledge, sharing experiences and empowering organisations

A learning hub for international cooperation and humanitarian aid programmes


The PuntoSud Academy aims to support development cooperation and humanitarian aid actors capitalising their experiences, improving their skills, capacities and systems to help them to continue bringing benefit to the society.




Raising knowledge Empowering organisations Sharing experiences

Raising knowledge

PuntoSud works in the development sector since 25 years, implementing project, delivering M&E services, developing hundreds of training programs and collaborating with the many different actors.

The aim of the Academy is to make this wide experience available to other organisations working in the same sector.

Sharing experiences

We believe that the actors we work with have a lot to share and to learn from each other. This is the reason why our training programs and services are built to ensure a high level of collaboration, interaction and experience exchange.

Empowering organisations

Learning is a never-ending process. It should bring to evolve as professionals, as organisations and, finally, as society. Today world challenges are urgent and very complex. In this context, development cooperation and humanitarian aid actors need to be well equipped, agile and never-stop improving their tools and methods of working.


Our methodology

Discover our formula for learning


With over 20 years of expertise, the PuntoSud Academy methodology is based on its long-standing and successful experience in designing and delivering training services worldwide.


We deliver our training programs using experimental and adult learning approaches that can be summarised through the following best practices:


Use of emotion

Participants are immersed in a positive and fresh yet professional atmosphere. It’s been well-documented that students who enjoy the learning process have better knowledge retention.

Converting theory into practice

Case studies and real life examples are at the heart of the learning experience, as they help trainees to contextualize their learning experience and put it into practice. 

Anchoring key concepts through repetition

Key messages are spread out strategically using varied techniques to avoid boredom: recap at the beginning of each new training day/module, follow-up, referencing contractual documents, use of summary with flashcards, quizzes and more all help trainees retain the most relevant concepts of the courses.

Building on existing knowledge

Making use of metaphors and examples to trigger existing associations activates old neural networks and speeds up the learning process.

Creation instead of consumption

Encouraging trainees to actively participate in the learning process allows them to build their own knowledge. By anticipating how the lessons and skills acquired during the course will be used in day-to-day work, participants gain confidence and focus on application over theory.

Fostering new attitudes

Training isn’t limited to the acquisition of new information; it goes beyond standard learning and involves the need to understand the logic and underlying principles behind rules, regulations and practice. Gaining this level of understanding helps participants to adapt their acquired skills to the changing context and to enhance professional performance at every level of responsibility.

Interaction is critical

The number of attendees multiplies the impact of learning. Exchange of experiences and group discussions are among the most powerful aspects of live courses. 

Our team

PuntoSud Academy staff


Our team is made up of professionals with at least 10 years of experience in delivering training worldwide and implementing humanitarian aid and development cooperation programs.


Over the course of their careers, our team members have travelled the world and met with people from organisations and donor agencies of every type and size.

They are committed to sharing with you all the tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way.


We hope to meet you soon!